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We are a company with international and national experience in a wide variety of projects; residential, healthcare buildings, comercial, hotels, etc.

We arrive to a perfect balance between the client needs and our professional advice to arrive to the ideal solution. We cover all the phases of the Project from the inception to conception.

Apart from your Project we can do 3d visualization, measurements, legalizations, etc.

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Architecture is the reach of truth. Louis Kahn

About the company

Architecture is inhabited sculpture. Constantin Brancusi.

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La Rosa Architects….

La Rosa Arquitectos is a studio that develops projects in architecture, interior design, R + D + i development and research, design, urban planning and infrastructures.

Its activity has developed both in the field of Public Administration, as in the private promotion and customer service.

Among the areas of action, include designs and development of single-family homes, residential buildings, rehabilitation and reforms in general, opening of commercial establishments, health buildings, hotel, educational, commercial, parks of medians, as well as urban developments, plazas, parks, urban planning and infrastructures

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